Facials & Waxing

A Facial a Week for a Year is like Getting a Face Lift

Esthetics – Benefits of Facials
Deeply cleanse and maintain your skin through exfoliating excess dead skin cells with a facial.  Choose from any of our facial treatments and we’ll purify your skin, leaving it healthy and well-hydrated.


Cleansing Facials                 $55

Rejuvenating Facials          $75
(Corrective Facials)

Hot Stone Facials                $70

Back Facials                          $85

Home Care is very important.  Please ask about a home regimen that will work for you.

 Please Schedule Your Facial at least 1 week prior to your big event!

Eyebrow Tinting          $15
Eyelash Tinting            $20

Hair Removal – Benefits of Waxing
Hair removal through waxing leaves your skin looking naturally smooth, eliminates stubble growth and lasts between 4-6 weeks on average.  Also, hairs become sparse and finer over time with regular waxing!

Eyebrows                    $18                 Lip                   $10
Eyebrow Clean-up    $12                 Chin                 $10
Neck line                     $15                  Hands              $10
Underarms                 $15                 Feet                  $10
Bikini                           $40                Legs                 $30/$45

Brazilian                    $60                 Ears                 $7
Chest/Back                $50 & up       Nose                 $7
Arms                          $30/$40        Sides of Face  $15

Please observe the following recommendations for your comfort and well being:

  • Due to elevated hormone levels during pregnancy, skin may be sensitive.  Redness and bruising may appear, especially in the bikini area.
  • Please allow yourself 24 hours between a waxing service and tanning.  Newly waxed skin may burn easily.
  • If you are on certain medications such as Retin-A, we cannot perform waxing services due to skin sensitivity.
  • We recommend that you schedule your facial or waxing at least one week before a big event.

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