From therapeutic massage to relaxing massage, our experienced massage therapists will work with you to achieve the best results for you.  Note:  This may include the use of hot packs, cupping and/or aromatherapy.

Types of Massages Offered:

Bowen Therapy (Carpal Tunnel & Tennis Elbow)
Deep Tissue
Kids & Teens
Position Release Therapy
Trigger Point

45  min massage      $60

60 min massage       $80

90 min massage       $120

120 min massage     $140

Hot Stone Massage
Enjoy our massages with the additional tension relief that hot stone therapy provides!

60 min massage with hot stone therapy            $95

90 min massage with hot stone therapy            $135

Couples Massage
Enjoy a relaxing experience together!  Choose from any of our massages and melt the stress away with a loved one.

60 min couples massage    $180

90 min couples massage    $250

Pregnancy Massage
Are you or someone you know having a baby?  Did you know that regular massage appointments should be scheduled like your obstetrics appointments? 

Massages will help teach Mom and her baby to relax, aiding in a shorter and healthier delivery.

We highly recommend 60-90 minutes of massage for the best result.

Please Note:  A doctor’s approval is required for pregnancy massage and certain medical conditions.  Please ask us if this applies to you.  Your health and safety are important to us!

Body Wraps

Exfoliating                $75
Allow our exfoliating wrap give you a healthy and radiant looking skin, while increasing your circulation.  This treatment leaves you wrapped in relaxation.

Cyrothermic             $85
You will enjoy the dual sensation of invigorating heat and revitalizing cooling energies as the Cyrothermic Body Gel begins to target puffiness and toxins.  The result is a more slimmed, toned, and revitalized body.

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